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Elevate your poker game with our exclusive training experiences tailored to every level and playing style. Learn from world-class instructors, and discover revolutionary training methods.

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Every training experience includes:

⏰ Full-Day Poker Immersion Our standard poker training experiences offer a solid 8-hour day of non-stop learning and action. Dive deep into the world of poker, guided by our seasoned pros.

🍽️ Catered Lunch Break to refuel your energy. It's a perfect time to relax, network with fellow poker enthusiasts, and prepare for the next level of your training.

πŸͺ Snacks and Beverages to stay fueled and hydrated throughout the training day ensuring you're at your best for every poker hand.

πŸƒ A Pro for Every 9 Students lends to our belief in personalized attention for every student. Our pros have over a decade of training experience and make their living playing poker, ensuring you learn from the best.

πŸ“ Real-Time Hand Analysis is where our pros break down your gameplay, in real time, pinpointing what you're doing right and areas for improvement. It's like having your golf shot analyzed by Tiger, or your jump shot critiqued by Jordan!

πŸ“š Classroom-Style Instruction is where you'll cover essential poker theory, advanced strategies, and mental tactics to master the game all while focused on a particular topic in a classroom setting. You'll receive a copy of all training materials used, ensuring you have valuable references to keep improving.

πŸ“ Pen and Paper is provided to capture all the knowledge you'll gain throughout the day.

πŸ›οΈ Swag Bag to remember your incredible poker training experience. It's a token of our appreciation for choosing us to help you succeed in the game we all love.

πŸš– Transportation to our training facility from designated locations on the Strip and then back is included. We only want you to focus on honing your poker skills and enjoying the experience!

✈️ Flight and hotel is not included, just ask and we will help you handle your travel logistics.  

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